Even more than the classic yachts, the veteran yachts or those built before 1950 are in need of special care when it comes to their restoration; their historical interest, having been built at least 50 years ago, means that the century-old experience of Cantieri Sangermani in the selection and processing of wood is the best choice for this kind of intervention.

Jealously guarding the molds for casting metal components, Cantieri Sangermani are able to recreate the original details in full respect of the original project, projects that are being studied in detail even before starting to work on these precious vessels. 

Thanks to their experience of well over a century, Cantieri Sangermani have the “know-how” and attention to detail which distinguishes them. Many veteran yachts like the San Marco, the 12 Metre S.I. Tomahawk, haft left the shipyard restored to perfection.