Creating a truly individual custom yacht is fulfilling your personal dream.

For the past 100 years, Cantieri Sangermani has demonstrated their ability to create stunning, breathtaking custom yachts that continue to fulfill their owner’s dreams, years and even decades after commissioning.

Creating your custom yacht is a team effort, bringing together owner, designer, naval architects, shipyard, interior designers, engineers and many other equipment specialists.

Each Sangermani Yacht is a masterpiece of efficiency where every detail has been carefully studied and nothing is left to chance.

The water lines, the arrangement of deck and the sail plan are a combination of innovation and classicism at the same time, a harmonious whole of consistency as only a yard with so much history and nautical culture and experience could create.

The most precious aspect of a Sangermani Yacht, even if apparently concealed by an aesthetic that seems to be the real attraction when not moving, becomes very apparent when you hoist the sails and start sailing her. A Sangermani Yacht goes faster than many racers of equal size; they are stiff at sail, very fast at accelerating and thanks to her limited displacement, are very responsive without sacrificing stability.

Our passion for perfection is reflected in the uncompromising performance of every Sangermani boat. No cost or effort is spared. Every detail, every part exemplifies an inspired commitment to excellence.

Uncompromising craftsmanship

Unparalleled performance

Unrivalled design


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