For more than 100 years, Cantieri Sangermani has been creating many truly magnificent, timeless, unique Yachts. These have been either according to own design or designed by some of the most famous naval architects around the globe (Sparkman & Stephens, Laurent Giles, German Frers, Bruce Farr, Doug Peterson, Ron Holland).

A Sangermani Yacht immediately grabs your eye.

Sculptured, elegant and well balanced, their visual presence sets the pulse racing. Its authentic style is unmistakably Sangermani, transmitting power, sensuality and refinement to their limits.

Cantieri Sangermani has created many unique yachts that symbolize the very nature of the Sangermani concept; combining exhilarating performance in a spacious yacht.

A Sangermani Yacht, observed from any angle, expresses style, performance and craftsmanship. These concepts blend to provide a fascinating mix of sailing sensations.

However, the excitement has only just begun if you have only seen a Sangermani from the outside. Once on board, the well-designed interior, warm and inviting in every way with its very special materials and crafted finish, invites passengers into a luminous, comfortable and elegant cabin.

Your yacht, your dream


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