Cesare and Piero Sangermani (1896-1977) (1900-1985)

In 1946 Cesare and Piero Sangermani transferred the yard to the current location in Lavagna. During the 1950s and 1960s Sangermani’s production entered into the limelight of the international scene with the construction of several RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) Class III yachts.

Several magnificent boats were built for the yachting division of the Italian navy: memorable among these were Chiar di Luna, completed in 1950, and Artica II, launched in 1956, both of which had many victories in important races helping to make the name of Cantieri Sangermani well-known all over the world.

As well as the great Italian families, distinguished clients from every part of the world appreciated two characteristics that every Sangermani Yacht has in particular: they are beautiful and they go like the wind.

In particular, Gitana IV, built for the Rothschild family, was a Sangermani design which made its mark in world-class yachting at the time, winning the 1965 Fastnet Race and lowering the record by a good 11 hours to a time which at that time, remained unbeaten for many years. The 1970s were years of great developments in Italian yachting.

As a result, increasingly larger boats were built, designed by well known naval architects such as Laurent Giles, Sparkman & Stephens, John H. Illingworth, Angus Primerose, Anselmi Boretti, Reiners, Philip Rhodes, Buchanan, Alan Gurney, German Frers, Carlo Sciarelli and Gary Mull, to name only some. However, half of all boats built in the post-war period to the present day, were built according to our designs.

Cesare Sangermani Sr. was by then thought of as the “magician” of yachting. Each boat was different and everything made by hand…starting from the original tree trunk.

Victories continued when Cesare Sangermani Jr., current owner of the yard started to race. One of the most memorable was the 1971 Giraglia, when he won sailing the “Mania”, a 10,60 meter built entirely in mahogany in 1969. Journalists at the time called her “the Stradivarius of the sea”.


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