While most yachts nowadays are produced on an assembly line, all our yachts are hand-built by artisans, one piece at a time.
Every single component is carefully crafted and finished to perfection before being assembled into a complete and unique Sangermani Yacht.
It’s a time-consuming method but only this way we are able to create yachts of such high quality, that we know they will last for generations.
Most Sangermani Yachts nowadays are made of wood and carbon (Xilon 3OOO3 system), a combination of materials with an excellent technical and esthetical result: a Sangermani Yacht is rigid like a steel monolith and at the same time, it is as light as a racing boat.

All stainless steel deck fittings have been designed and made to measure by Sangermani and all carbon fiber accessories have been designed and made by Sangermani. As well, all fittings are installed with through-bolts and guard-plate reinforcements, functional stainless steel bitts, and teak-submitted with carbon fiber fairleads and pipe guards.

All horizontal surfaces are covered with minimum 15 mm teak barrel staves.

This high level of craftsmanship has never allowed for any kind of serial production with its tendency to produce average, stereotyped models. Due to the work being well organized and planned according to logical, contemporary criteria, no more than two or three boats leave the yard every year, and this is even assuming they are not particularly large.


Without compromise

Without compare